Roman Colchester Audio Tour

Come and discover Camulodonum, the oldest recorded town in Britain; or as it is known today, Colchester.

Uncover the Roman capital of Britain in our 2hr walking tour, including the remains of Britain’s oldest Church and only known Roman chariot-racing Circus.

Working with Colchester’s Young Archeology Club, we have created a bespoke audio tour detailing the rich history of Colchester whilst helping a new generation to discover more about their home town.

This audio tour forms part of our Dig Deeper project, which brought together a diverse selection of young people aged 11-25 to learn about Colchester’s Roman Heritage. They created an animation and free app for the Colchester Roman Circus Visitors Centre, you can learn more about the project here. This project was made possible through funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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Audio Tour

Below is a list of each ‘Point of Interest’ you’ll visit on your tour of Roman Colchester, beginning by the bridge outside Colchester Castle. Want to download the audio files? Click here.

Point of Interest 1 – The Castle

Point of Interest 2 – Roman Building Material

Point of Interest 3 – Roman Precinct Wall

Point of Interest 4 – Roman Villa

Point of Interest 5 – Roman Theatre

Point of Interest 6 – Roman Gateway and Guardhouse

Point of Interest 7 – Roman Wall

Point of Interest 8 – Roman Church

Point of Interest 9 – Roman Circus

Point of Interest 10 – Berryfield Mosaic

If you have mobile internet you can stream the audio tour on the go.

Online Map

You can also use Google Maps to direct yourself around the route.

Roman Traffic

This guide is packed with Roman history and stories, however we can’t remove the modern day traffic you’ll see along the way – so please be aware at all times of roads, traffic and other pedestrians. We want you to observe the history and architecture you’ll pass along the way but please be equally observant of your surroundings.

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