We are excited to share the four creative artists who will be our Plug In Creatives for 2022.

Spanning a broad range of disciplines, all four Plug In Creatives want to make changes to, and effect development within their work as creative digital educators. We are hugely excited they have joined the programme and look forward to working alongside them on this next step in their creative practice, developing skills in planning and delivering digital art education. Read more about each of the artists below.

Maddie Exton Conceptual Artist and Writer

In my own words, I make things and make things happen. In other words, I'm a conceptual artist and writer. I'm research and project based, working across sculpture, film, performance, text and drawing. My work focuses on examining life, to highlight poetics and connections.


Judd Moses Druce Video Artist

Judd Moses Druce works with performance, video, sound and collage as means of dismantling, adapting and reassembling found or generated sounds and images. They use a variety of discarded or obsolete technologies to realise compositions in both visual and sonic noise. Their interest in noise is informed by the practice of glitching.


Emily May-Gordon Animator

Emily is a 3D illustrator and animator who focuses on playful world's and characters. She primarily use blender and find it exciting to be using a medium that is so vast as she is always experimenting with something new.


Brad Rumble Sculpture and Digital Artist

Brad is a Norfolk based multi disciplined artist who uses physical and digital mediums create art as a therapeutic practice to help overcome depression and anxiety. As both an artist and toy maker he seeks to imbue a deeper meaning, a value, a symbol to the viewer beyond the aesthetic or the novel. Inviting the audience to confront the conditions of their own suffering through practice, self-discipline, learning and creation.