Animate your ideal home, neighbourhood or fun place to visit of the future.

Create a short animated film about where you would like to live in the future. You could animate a home, street, map or any other neighbourhood location.

What You’ll Need

  • Paper, pencil, scissors, tape
  • You can choose small toys, pictures, drawings
  • Computer with webcam, tablet, or smart phone
  • free software
Draw, animate or 3D model your ideal home, neighbourhood or place to visit of the future and win prizes with the My Future: My Design Comp.

Step 1.

Download and create an account if you need to.

Schools can set up a free schools account,

Step 2.

Plan your film: What film do you want to make? Use the ideas you came up with in the introduction workshop to create an animated building design, map or maybe an invention that would make lives better.

Plan what will happen and what parts will move (be animated) maybe you will animate a home or town being built, or people playing in a park.  Perhaps the animation will be of a new transport system.

TOP TIP – Keep your ideas simple, don’t add too many elements, or a long story.

You could draw a storyboard like in this photo.

Step 3.

Create or find your assets. These are the things you will use in your animation, such as buildings, trees or people.

You can also create your background, this will need to be bigger than your assets with plenty of space around for movement. Having a background helps and to make sure the camera does show any tabletop or floor.

Step 4.

Set up: Load the software, position camera and lighting. Make sure your background and camera stay still.

TOP TIP – Use diffused lighting where possible as this will give an even light over your scene without shadows. Diffused means when placing something opaque in front of the light such as tracing paper or baking paper.

Step 5.

Start to animate:

  1. To start take 2 photos of your scene
  2. Then move your assets very slightly take another photo
  3. Repeat this process until your film is finished

TOP TIP – play your film as you make it, adjust the speed if you need to. If it looks jerky move the assets a smaller amount between photos to make the animation smoother.

If you get your hand in frame or make another mistake you can delete that frame using the software. Select clip/frame in the timeline and use the selected clip icon (top in sidebar) to delete or edit.

Step 6.

Add sound: Once you have a short, animated sequence you can add sound using the sound library in the side tool bar. Choose sound and drag to soundtrack below the picture.

Edit the sound in the soundtrack time lines.

Step 7.

Add titles: Use the text icon in the tool bar to choose and edit your title and credits – you can also add text anywhere in your film to add explanations of your designs.

Step 8.

Review your film – make any changes or edits, select clip/frame in the timeline and use the selected clip icon (top in sidebar) to delete or edit frames.

Step 9.

Export your film: Click on top right middle icon (export your film to MP4 file)

On Export Movie name your film with YOUR NAME

Click export to save your MP4 file.

Play the file from desktop to make sure it works.

Step 10.

Send your animation to us!

Submit your individual entry

Submit your schools entry

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