Happy 29th Birthday


To celebrate our 29th birthday we’ve put together some of our favourite memories caught on camera from our 29 year history. From Anthony Gormley sculptures to Colchester children animations, we dived into the archive and found some gems.

Got a Signals memory of your own? Perhaps you attended a workshop in your youth, or we visited your school and made a film. Share it with us on social media using the hashtag


Signals has been working in the community for many years, bringing animation and filmmaking skills to local people, helping them tell the stories that matter to them. Originally created by a committed group of filmmakers from Essex University, Signals became established as a community media and video workshop in 1988. Based in Colchester Essex, Signals has developed into a regional resource and facility for filmmaking and digital arts.

From humble beginnings, Signals has grown into a regional hub for filmmakers and more recently rebranded itself as the place for creative digital learning. In film and digital production, people work together but grow in individual and unique ways – and Signals will continue to create opportunities for those from all walks of life to explore creativity.

Our community projects enable disadvantaged groups to work on production projects, giving participants digital media skills and a voice. We work with groups through the whole production process helping participants realise their potential and share their stories. Such as our recent Children in Need funded work teaching filmmaking skills to young people with Autism Spectrum Condition, or our Essex Girls project which saw us working with young mothers to debunk the stereotype facing women from Essex.

If you love what we do, then we need your help.

Signals relies on project funding and donations to continue our work. Whatever donation you make to support Signals, it is support that we didn’t have until you gave it. Be it £1 or £100, we are grateful for the skills you will help to teach and the stories you will help to tell. Click here to donate now.