Film editor Terry Rawlings on Blade Runner


In 2012 we welcomed film editor Terry Rawlings to Signals to talk about his long career, including his work with Ridley Scott on Blade Runner and Alien.

Terry has worked on some very successful films over the last 50 years. After working with Ridley Scott on Alien, Terry went on to edit film such as Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire, Watership Down and Goldeneye.

Originally starting as a Sound Editor, Alien was actually Terry’s first full credit as picture editor and in the interview he describes how he landed the job and went on to work with Ridley Scott to create the terrifying atmosphere of the film with a perfect marriage of image and sound.

Blade Runner 2049 – Territory Studios

Signals is also privileged to have on our board David Sheldon-Hicks, co-founder of VFX studio Territory Studios. Their recent work includes Blade Runner 2049 and a few months ago we interviewed him about their specialist VFX work designing futuristic technology for SciFi films, or as they called it Future User Interface (FUI) design;


When you’re approached with a project, what do the briefs look like?

It varies depending on what kind of a film it is and where we come on board in the process. On Ghost in the Shell (released 31 March 2017) we came on board in post-production, when most of the film already had been shot, whilst on most other projects, from Prometheus to Blade Runner 2049 (to be released in October 2017) we’re brought on board before filming has begun and design FUI for on set screens. The two approaches involve quite different methods to create FUI. In post-production, the interfaces are designed to fit within existing actions and environments, while working on set means that our designs are implemented and shot as live props and become part of the action.

You can read his interview in full here.