Collecting Tendring borough’s memories, messages and moments from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sian Fan and Signals are creating an interactive archive, capturing the digital experience of Tendring people during the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of our ongoing Talk Time project, exploring communication technology in the borough, this newly commissioned work will turn the digital communications shared by the Tendring community into an interactive digital environment for everyone to explore and see how our physical experiences have been reshaped through communication technologies like Zoom, FaceTime and the many other ways we connect online.

This is artwork is part of our Talk Time project, exploring the history of communication technology along the Tendring coastline and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Essex 2020.

Submit your digital memory to our archive

During these fractured times the work will unite submissions from the Tendring community to build an explorable, digital map of collective communication.

Tendring residents are invited to submit any digital memories, messages and moments from their experience of the pandemic. This can be in the form of photos, video recordings, audio recordings, text message or email screen grabs, etc.

Have you got a picture of an online birthday party? Maybe a photo of your new working-from-home office? Do you have a recording of the 8pm clap for the NHS? We would love to include in our digital artwork.

The call is open to all who live, work in or hail from Tendring.


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A work in progress video from artist, Sian Fan.