BFI Academy – Graduation


Over the past 13 weeks Signals have been running the BFI Film Academy. Aimed at 16-19yr olds, it offers the next generation of film makers access to professional equipment, mentorship from industry professionals and the opportunity to build their portfolio by working together in crews to produce their own short film from storyboarding through to editing.

We’re incredible excited to share with you the groups two final films; ‘Two Minute Lifetime’ and ’60 Second Deals’ – alongside a special behind the scenes video where the students give you an insight into the journey they’ve taken throughout the 13 week course.

This is the fourth consecutive year Signals has run the BFI academy and its been rewarding to see some of our earlier BFI graduates now working in the industry, on film sets and in production houses. We wish this years graduates all the best and hope to hear their success stories soon!

BFI Film Academy – The Films

A Two Minute Lifetime

A Two Minute Lifetime’ is a short film taking place in the midst of a party where teenager Maddie discovers that she may be pregnant. However, her only solace, her best friend Abby, firstly appears less than capable of providing her with reassurance. Throughout their tireless discussion on the floor of the bathroom, accompanied by flash forwards of her possible future, they both attempt to come to terms with the possibility of Maddie having a child.

60 Second Deals

Daniel (Sam Taylor), is an undercover policeman who is attempting to purchase some drugs from Blake, a drug dealer (Darnell Thompson). Daniel’s job is to bust the underground drug trade going on in his town, but he isn’t very confident at it. Fortunately for Daniel, he has a special ability that will help him perfect the deal…

BFI Film Academy – Behind The Scenes